Lucky first post. I remember the night vividly in my mind. How could I ever forget, it is my first ever auditioning for any roles. Want to hear my first auditioning experience? Well come here really close because I am going to tell you everything…

Tonight is my first ever audition. It is for a school play at my high school. The role is a street singer who wows the crowd near the end of the play. Now singing is what I wanted to pursue after leaving high school and for some reason I was really confident that I will excel in the singing arena.

My choice of transportation for the night was my “reliable” first car which was a red Holden Camira. To make the night more memorable, I decided to take two of my best friends. You both know who you are! But I wanted the whole experience to be the best possible experience. Now, I was not known for one who keeps their car in tip top condition. Yes, I admit – I hardly ever wash my car. So the thought of making my car shine was pretty much out of the equation. So I thought why not pay someone to do the job?

The paint job on my car is descent, the body of the car is straight as. One thing I didn’t particularly like was the worn out interior. After some research on the internet, I decided to get  mobile car detailer who will rejuvenate my car. Back then it was search by Lycos! For current generations, this search engine was probably not heard of.

The name of the car detailing company escaped my mind. But it provided a thorough service at a very affordable price. Even back then, the range of services offered is unbelievable. I would of referred you to the website but I totally forgot which car detailer it was. But it would be similar to this car detailer I’ve found on the net.

Many might say I should of done the work myself. Clean the car, polish the car and blacken the tyre. But I think I made the right decision because it gave me more time to get ready in order to look good.

Because I got the guys to clean and detail my car. I even had some spare time to practice my singing. I managed to warm up my voice prior to the audition.

You might be asking me about the actual finish on the car after the work is done? All I can say is.. WOW!

You heard right. The car was magnificent. I have never seen it shine like this ever before!  The tyres looked brand new. Seriously! You had to see it to believe it. I was stunned.

Anyways, I paid the detailers after the job and straight away called my friends that I am on my way to pick them up. I thought the outside of the car looked awesome. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stepped into my car.. the interior looks ten times better then previously.

On my way to pick up my friends in my now shiny car, I was smiles from ear to ear. I know that I am going to nail this audition tonight. Fast forward a couple of hours, I nailed the audition and I got the part!