It has been a while since the last post I did on my blog. So I apologise in advance for those waiting! Didn’t realise how much people loved my blog idea! So I will try to post more often in the future. This post is about something I discovered.: liquid limestone.

This post goes out to my mother Carie. For those who might know her, she is in my eyes the queen of landscaping. Why? Simple, she tend to know what product to purchase or use. Thank you so much for recommending me liquid limestone to revamp my outdoor living area. If you don’t know what liquid limestone is then you’re missing out!

It all started when I stayed home one day and reading my favourite book. During a brief break, I was staring at the floor and kind of felt bad about the state of my outdoor paving. It was horrendous to say the least! I though to myself.. “that’s it! I will need to change the looks!”. That was pretty much what it took place.

Called mum about renovating the current outdoor paving and she recommended me using liquid limestone. The first thing I said was liquid what?? She was explaining the attractive features of liquid limestone and the one that caught my eye was the “cool factor” of liquid limestone. This factor alone basically sold me. And after jumping on the internet and researching what liquid limestone was all about , it confirmed my decision to go with the product.

When I asked mum about how she knew about this stuff, she basically went on a “rant”. Here words were “Paulini love, I was on holidays in Western Australia and visited a friend’s place”. To make a long story short, she mentioned how she fell in love with the product. Western Australia’s capital city is Perth. She bragged about how trendy the stuff is over there. Again when I searched for liquid limestone Perth on the internet. I got plenty of results of companies offering the service including Stylish Outdoor Solutions, the company my mum’s friend dealt with. This confirmed the popularity of it over there.

So thank you mother! After the renovation, my outdoor living are looks sweeeett! :)