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Taking It Up a Notch

Nothing wrong with being normal. But it’s also absolutely nothing wrong with being extraordinary. Especially when you’ve got a goal in mind. You see.. when I first started singing, I always wanted to be someone famous. A lot of you might think this is normal for my chosen field of profession, but some people in my circle of contacts this is not true. But that’s another story altogether, which I may tell in a future post.

Before you roll your eyes and close this page of mine, hear me out! I’m not famous.. far from it, but what people don’t realise is that being famous is not what you’re thinking of. It varies from person to person but mine is probably not the “norm”. To me, being famous is being true to your own self. Only when you are actually being true to yourself.. is when you are famous and made it to the big time! Ha! Didn’t see that coming.. did you?


The moral of this post is: take it up a notch! You’d be surprise where it’ll take you. Directly or not.

The Removal and Relocation of My Beloved Piano

As some of you might know, I love playing pianos. So much so, I bought a somewhat expensive grand piano a couple of years ago. I loved it very much. Many of my friends says that I am too attached to it, but I can’t help it! Anyways, I wanted to tell you a story about the day I moved to my new studio apartment. Keep on reading..

The day I planned to move out was a Tuesday, so somewhere during the middle of the week. So I figured it should be the cheapest day to hire a removalist to help me move my belongings. Although price is an important factor when it comes to choosing a removalist. I wanted someone that will really take care of my personal belongings during the move to make sure things are not damaged. Well you guess it, especially my piano! My beautiful beloved piano.

As always, I research the removalists company using the internet. Reading pretty much every review written for the particular company. In particular, I was looking for a removalist that specialises in the removals of heavy and bulky items, such as a grand piano.

After looking high and low, I’ve picked one after reading glowing reviews on how they really looked after people’s expensive items and of having the appropriate tools and professionally trained staff. Someone actually gave a positive feedback for the company on the good job they did to relocate a piano! After reading the review, I was sold!

I called them up straightaway and sure enough they reassured me that they specialise in the removals of heavy and bulky item. After hearing this, I made a booking and went straight to my new studio to clean and tidy it up, ready for the arrival of my much loved piano!