I thought long and hard before deciding to write this page. But I won’t be able to sleep at night without giving credit when it’s due. This page, as titled, is dedicated to those who have influenced me the most in my life so far. As I get older I do realize that the list of names may grow bigger. But as I intend to write as long as I can, I will keep adding it to my list as I see fit.

Personally, there are many that had an influence in my life in one shape or another. I apologize if I don’t mention every single one of you. But those who have major influence will definitely get a mention on this page and throughout my posts.

So far to date, the biggest influence in my life – probably comes to no surprise to many out there – is my mother. My one beloved mother. not only she gave birth to me Paulini Omeil but it goes deeper than that. So much so that I can write thousands and thousands of words describing how she has effected my life from the very beginning to this present time.

My top 5 influences:

  1. My beautiful mother Carie.
  2. My best friend Rita M.
  3. Lisa T.
  4. Zerka F.
  5. “Paige” – you know who you are!